About Us

The Lemont Park District’s not-for-profit Lemont Park Foundation was established for the purpose of improving, providing and expanding the Lemont Park District’s parks, programs, facilities and resources to improve the quality of life for community residents. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of citizens from the community. Its primary goal is to obtain funds and donations for the acquisition and development of land and parks within Park District boundaries.

Foundation Members

Officers - Janette Acton (Board President); Kim Sullivan (Vice President); Joelle Beranek (Secretary); Peter Herout (Treasurer)

Members - Lynda Eberhart; Krystal Kumpula; Darlene Brady; Kathleen Cliff; Roger Eberhart; Alyssa Zimmerman; Brendon A. Stark; Suzanne Jacobs; Sue Konieczka; Matt Frisia

Julie Mescher, Park Commissioner

Lauren Raspanti, Park District Liaison


Raise money
Acquire assets, property + other resources

Provide support as an advisory committee to the Lemont Park District on ethical, operational and recreational issues as requested
Provide financial assistance via the Foundation Helping Hand Award Program & the Lemont Park District capital projects
Volunteer your time! Lemont Park Foundation is always looking for help with community events and programs. Contact us today to see how you can get involved!